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Delivering a Brighter Future

Meet the people in your community who work to deliver safe, reliable power


Smarter energy for smarter living

You hear a lot about the future of energy -- everything from smart technology to a stronger power grid. It may sound complicated, but it's really just a brighter way to deliver what matters most to you. We know energy is important to your life. That's why we're working each and every day to bring you a brighter energy future. 

The next generation

See how young engineers Vivian and Ali are making a difference by working to power a brighter future.


Todd is using his energy to put others first

Todd has always had a passion for helping people. As a former -firefighter and flight medic, he knew what it meant to be part of a team that worked tirelessly to put others -first. As a FirstEnergy lineman, Todd now uses his skills to help deliver a safer, brighter future to his customers.


Above and beyond

See how Jessica is going delivering a brighter future to you.


Drones take inspections to new heights

At FirstEnergy, we're using drones to quickly diagnose issues and to inspect birds' nests. It's a faster, safer and more reliable way to ensuer a brighter future for you and our environment. 


Making a difference

See how Dewayne is powering a new generation


Last Modified: December 12, 2019